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Cabina Armario

Open the doors to a high-end collection of walk-in closets and closets that respond to a changing and flexible lifestyle.
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Capsule ’19

Sinuous shapes and elegant curves intermingle with straight and pure lines to form a firm and characterful collection with high quality materials.
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Novelties ’18

A review of successful designs that we have rescued and renewed to bring them closer to the current moment.
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Alternative 2017

A collection based on natural harmony and Wabi-Sabi Philosophy, with colors, materials, shapes and textures to enjoy with the five senses.
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Interi Vision

Noble materials and refined shapes bring distinction by creating a family of pieces that make up a dialogue as a whole.
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Natural materials with luxurious and noble finishes, elegant lacquers and a quality at the height of the most demanding, for magazine homes.
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Geometry, order and color to give meaning to a contemporary collection with Art Deco colors.
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Timeless designs that arise from the search for more rational and emotional furniture, which connects us with the purity of simplicity.
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Feel nature in the beauty of simplicity, with furniture that is born from organic and natural elements to connect with our inner self.
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