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Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Accessories

28/04/2021 · 1 Min Read

New entry in the post series in which we talk about some keys to the contemporary interior design style. We are going to be focusing on the Accessories. Once we have covered other key aspects such as luminosity, colors or noble materials in the previous posts, it is time to highlight the role of accessories.

The Contemporary Style is based on spacious and bright spaces, providing cozy environments in which straight and simple lines stand out. In this type of interior decoration, the overload of elements is avoided, so that the spatial opening gains ground.

Under these conditions, an exclusive design piece of furniture can become the decisive element in this type of room. We are talking about one of the most current interior design trends, with the aforementioned spacious and full of freedom spaces.

Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Accessories

Large decorative accessories play an undoubted role in environments decorated in a contemporary style. A large painting, a large lamp or any other decorative piece, such as a sculpture, can generate an interesting break in straight lines.

Any of these plugin examples can add a special touch. But where you can really make a difference is with a unique piece in the form of a designer furniture. Our bet in this regard is our new creation, the spectacular and unique Konika Round Table, designed by Gabriel Teixidó.

Two balanced cones joined across a small surface near their vertex give life to this simple and attractive round table. The lid can be 180 cm in diameter. For its part, a 1 cm metal plate protects the base from contact with the ground. A winning option within current contemporary design furniture.

Photo & vídeo credit: MF

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