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Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Colors

14/04/2021 · 1 Min Read

We continue with a new entry in the post series in which we talk about some keys to the contemporary interior design style. Now it is the turn of “colors”. In previous posts, contemporary style is identified by having spacious and bright spaces, giving rise to cozy environments.

In this type of interior decoration environment, great importance is given to the freedom of spaces, avoiding overloading with too many elements. Therefore, an exclusive design piece of furniture can make a difference being the real star of the room. Color in this type of space is a language whose expressiveness is essential in this and other styles of interior decoration.

Neutral colors will prevail with a mixture of tones as long as a uniform palette is maintained. The combination of different shades of gray, white, black and / or brown, from the lightest to the darkest, can bring undoubted depth to these spaces.

Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Colors

But, what if the color is provided by the design furniture itself? For this option, we have a unique piece full of charm and exclusivity. This elegant proposal belongs to our new collection of contemporary design furniture.

Prisma Rectangular Table, designed by Gabriel Teixidó, is a table with regular truncated geometric shapes, defining a thin top and legs on its perimeter. This top widens towards the center of the furniture. The legs rest on a thin metal base. The design of its internal structure allows the table to reach up to 3 meters length. In a contemporary setting, a touch of color with this unique piece adds a remarkable personality.

No doubt about it, it is a piece of furniture that brings exceptional elegance to the entire room.

Photo & vídeo credit: MF

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