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Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Luminosity

07/04/2021 · 2 Min Read

We are starting a series of posts in which we are going to highlight some of the keys of the contemporary interior design style, starting with luminosity.

The contemporary style is identified by having spacious and bright spaces, generating cozy environments, with a predominance of straight and simple lines. In this type of interior decorative environment, we will try not to overload the elements, so space is prioritized.

For all this, they are ideal settings place some design furniture, which will be the protagonist of the room. Without a doubt, it is one of the most usual design trends. This trend creates wide and liberated spaces, which can sometimes be mistaken with the minimalist decoration style.

The difference is that the minimalist style seeks even more open spaces, among other reasons, being two styles with specific differences.

Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Luminosity

Luminosity, as we can guess, is a key element in the contemporary style. In addition to providing clarity, it makes unique pieces stand out. Design tables, chairs, armchairs, sideboards and any other type of stylish furniture can be the protagonist in this type of room from a contemporary perspective. In our case, we want to highlight a unique piece corresponding to our new collection of Contemporary Design furniture.

Area Low Sideboard, designed by Gabriel Teixidó, is a sideboard with a very aesthetic and practical design. The handles are displayed in a line, giving functionality to doors and drawers. It can act as a low sideboard or even as a television cabinet, being very simple and attractive, ideal for rooms with Contemporary Design. It is manufactured in different heights and can be combined with the Prisma Wall Shelf. In addition, the top can be in marble or wood.

In an environment full of luminosity, this unique piece stands out for its high personality, being a piece of furniture that brings enormous elegance to the entire room.

Photo & vídeo credit: MF

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