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Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Noble materials

21/04/2021 · 1 Min Read

We continue with a new entry in the post series in which we talk about some keys to contemporary interior design style. This time we will highlight the noble materials. After talking about the role of luminosity and colors in previous posts, we will explore a third way by talking about materials.

Refreshing the concept of contemporary style, we can say that it is identified by wide spaces and cozy environments, with the presence of straight and simple lines. In this type of interior decorative environment, it is important not to have an overload of elements, since the spatial sensation prevails.

These are ideal settings to make an exclusive design piece of furniture the protagonist, the epicenter of attention. Contemporary design style is one of the most current interior design trends.

Keys to the contemporary interior design style: Noble materials

Noble materials such as stone, glass, wood or cement are characteristic of this style of interior decoration. Therefore, the choice of contemporary style furniture is very important to create interior spaces with a beautiful contrast that provides the necessary glamour. Uniqueness is a very interesting point of view and it can be brought by a unique piece like the one we present below.

Manta Desk is a spectacular desk designed by the WOW Architects studio. This unique and exclusive piece is inspired by a natural architectural style, based on forms of nature. A designer desk that synthesizes its forms, maintaining and increasing its functionality.Our mission is to give life to exclusive spaces, full of personality, thanks to the design of suggestive furniture that speaks for itself.

Photo & vídeo credit: MF

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