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DeseeseDesign, complete and integral design of interior spaces

27/10/2021 · 2 Min Read

In this new blog post, we are pleased to introduce you to a studio specialized in complete design of interior spaces. They are DeseeseDesign.

Based in Madrid, the team at this interior design studio is made up of Sergio Sánchez Pardo and David Jiménez García. A duo of an architect and an interior designer who have a striking interior design showroom called ‘The arq Showroom’.

Their years of experience, dedication and passion for design and interior design has led to the creation of DeseeseDesign. Their specialization focuses on interior design and design projects, both in domestic and international markets.

The studio projects comprehensive services in any area of ​​architecture, interior design and decoration. The professional, contract-retail and luxury residential spaces with turnkey projects are their great letter of introduction.

In each project carried out, they leave their mark by adapting their creativity to specific needs, providing great aesthetic spaces and functionality.

On the occasion of their presence at the Marbella Design Fair, we want them to share their vision and criteria with us through this brief interview. Thank you very much for your contribution.

DeseeseDesign, complete and integral design of interior spaces

DeseeseDesign, complete and integral design of interior spaces

Interview with DeseeseDesign

How would you summarize in a short sentence what interior design is for you?

It would be the art and design technique for the adaptation of spaces and volumes. Game of volumes, shapes and finishes seeking to provoke sensations.

What can you tell us about the intangible value of design?

Design, which is not sure where it comes from, is a value that generates well-being and comfort for its users.

In today's world of interior design, what role does furniture design play?

A fundamental part. Furniture intervenes directly in our concept of volume and space design

Of your entire career, which project or projects would you highlight as the most relevant in which you have participated?

The most relevant ones have been the two occasions in which we participated in CasaDecor, with the spaces "Why not" (2015) and "The secret" (2016), with the recognition of the public and the product design.

Also, exhibit at Matadero Madrid with our table "Why not" in fresh product. Other outstanding works have been the multiple residences and private premises, which make you feel very satisfied, both for the work and for the feelings with the client.

Finally, how do you perceive the present and the future of interior design?

The present is a fundamental driving force, since the sensations have to seduce you, both in the residential field and in the Contract channel. The image, today, is essential, without forgetting practicality.

In the future, we see a progression and enhancement of this, but taking the necessary care to detect the dangers of overcrowding and intrusion.If we follow the usual channels, everything will flow.

Photo credit: DD

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