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Design Institute of Spain (DIOS): Leading the culture of Design

03/11/2021 · 2 Min Read

New entry in our blog with an exceptional protagonist, the Design Institute of Spain (DIOS). An official organization that leads the culture, industry and Design brands from Spain.

This prestigious entity responds to a country's need, such as leading a community of committed people, companies and organizations. A community with passion, positivism that shares the values ​​of the Design culture.

The purpose of the Design Institute of Spain is to promote the recognition of the Design culture. To do this, it projects designers and companies that have Design as a strategic tool at a national and international level. This work is accompanied by the collaboration of business and professional organizations from all economic sectors. Also of the local, regional and state Public Administrations.

In the words of Juan Mellen, its president, "An economy that bases its growth on competitiveness and on fostering the ability to develop innovative products and services with high added value, will find a fundamental ally in design."

Design Institute of Spain (DIOS): Leading the culture of Design

Design Institute of Spain (DIOS): Leading the culture of Design

Design Institute of Spain (DIOS): Leading the culture of Design

On the occasion of the celebration of the Marbella Design Fair, MobilFresno has  conducted a very interesting interview with Juan Mellen. The president of the Design Institute of Spain has greatly inspired us with his unique views on various aspects related to design.

Our Managing Director, Fernando Palao, has been in charge of carrying out this productive conversation. The work of DIOS, the actions they carry out, the advantages of belonging to the organization or the point of view of the state of the current design have been some of the topics that have been discussed.

We invite you to view the video that we share where Juan and Fernando discuss about this exciting design scene. A high intangible value that we must take care of and of which in Spain we must be proud of. Without a doubt, Spanish design is a very recognized strength throughout the world.

A final recommendation would be to follow DIOS's Instagram account: @designinstitute_ofspain.

Photo credit: DIOS

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