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Key aspects to consider when designing exclusive furniture

04/08/2021 · 2 Min Read

In this new post we are going to talk about some key aspects to take into account when designing exclusive furniture.

Design is probably the most decisive phase in the creation of a piece of furniture and many factors that are part of the production process depend on it. Undoubtedly, the design stage will define criteria such as its beauty or its quality, in addition to its own cost and, therefore, its commercial success.

One of the key functions of design is to be able to impact the market with its target consumers, to be able to seduce them both due to its emotional and functional component. Next, we will see a series of variables that are of special importance in the furniture design process.

Key aspects to consider when designing exclusive furniture

Key aspects to consider when designing exclusive furniture

Key aspects to consider when designing exclusive furniture


It is one of the most important characteristics in the design of a piece of furniture. It represents the balance between its properties and the function for which it has been designed. This property, like other similar ones, can only be measured by comparing it with other existing proposals.


This aspect is very in some types of furniture, with some links to the previous point related to functionality. It is a quality that can be lost or modified over time.


Although you cannot design a piece of furniture as genuinely antique, you do frequently draw inspiration from related features as an added element to the design.


The fact that there are limited unit produced, is not a factor directly inherent to the design, but the perception of a singular piece of furniture adds undoubted value to it.


Despite being highly subjective, beauty is a key aspect. It will be based on the perception of the public and influenced by criteria such as fashion, trends, styles, etc. The beauty of an exclusive piece of furniture is a personality trait.


Finally, distribution plays a determining role depending on the different markets. For a brand, having exclusive design furniture with good availability, both in the contract and retail channels, can be decisive.

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