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Differences between Contract and Retail in the world of furniture

26/05/2021 · 2 Min Read

These two concepts, Contract and Retail, have a great weight in the world of furniture. Although they have many similarities, they also have some differences. Therefore, it is interesting to discover the main characteristics of both scenarios in order to use them correctly. Let's see below what each of the concepts consists of.

What is the Contract?

It is a sales channel focused on businesses and companies, usually belonging to the hotel sector. It offers special characteristics of quality and guarantee in its materials, since interior decoration and interior design play a very important role in this area.

The design and decoration of spaces such as hotels, cafes or restaurants, among others, in an original way, has made the Contract sector a protagonist. It is about creating elegant and personalized rooms that give rise to unique environments and highlight the particular essence of the place.

To create an optimal environment, it is key to take into account the overall style, the functionality of the elements and the user experience. In this area, the furniture represents a differential factor to achieve a unique perception by those who enjoy these spaces. Any differential detail is decisive in this regard.

Taking care of all the details is the reason that the customer experience is highly satisfactory, which is why unique design furniture is highly relevant in interior design. Having the professional services of companies in the sector such as MobilFresno is a guarantee of success to generate environments of perfection.

Differences between Contract and Retail in the world of furniture

Differences between Contract and Retail in the world of furniture

What is Retail?

On the other way, Retail is related to those establishments that sell directly to the customer. Within this segment there are various options such as supermarket chains, pharmacies, clothing stores or perfumeries, among others.

With this sales channel we try to get customers to focus on the chosen product, in a prominent situation, counting on all the design around it to give it a greater prominence. To get a good design of the interior decoration that accompanies the product, the characteristics of the exhibition space must be carefully analyzed.

Luminosity is one of the most important aspects, especially if it is possible to have natural light, although you can also play with another type of brightness with lamps that provide a differentiating touch. In any case, design furniture is also a key element in giving consistency to this type of commercial space and endowing it with personality and characteristic features of a good design.

Differences between Contract and Retail in the world of furniture

These are different approaches. Retail, as we have seen, focuses on stores that sell products directly to the public. On the other hand, Contract focuses on the Hospitality Sector.

The products used in the Contract approach are much more resistant and durable, since their use will be much more intense. For this reason, furniture in this type of environment must have certain special characteristics.


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