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Main features of the contemporary design style

18/08/2021 · 2 Min Read

New blog post in which we are going to talk about some of the main features of the contemporary design styleContemporary style refers to a practical and current condition between the avant-garde and the classic. The key to achieve this is to choose interior elements that convey a comfortable, simple and functional environment.

Contemporary design furniture gives home an interesting sense of light and airy space. At this point, please remember the posts in which we talked about some keys to the contemporary interior design style:

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Main features of the contemporary design style

Main features of the contemporary design style

Main features of the contemporary design style

Let’s see some interesting approaches within the contemporary design style.

Contrasts and exuberance

Prints, floral motifs, large dimensions or drastic changes in light can generate a great visual impact. The goal is not to leave you indifferent. Also, having nuances in the story can add interesting distinctive notes. In this sense, an exclusively design piece of furniture can be the epicenter of prominence.

Imagination and fantasy

Expressing creativity in a given environment is one of the keys to the design language of the 21st century. Imagination gives way to fantasy to go beyond the limits of conventionalism. This is where a unique and exclusive design piece of furniture makes a difference.

Minimalism and essentiality

It would be the other side, the design of few resources but that express a lot. In this scenario, the elements provide solutions and are unnoticed. The equation would be a lot of impact, little bombast, maximum efficiency and durability. A way of understanding sustainability through elements designed for a long life, such as an exclusively designed piece of furniture.

Rigour and forcefulness

Trend with few concessions to the superfluous, with a high sparseness of lines and an absolute preference for geometry. In this way, a movement is created that is almost imperceptible but full of meaning and the will to change. No doubt, a unique design piece of furniture can be the decisive element.

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