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High Point Market, a global home furnishings showcase

06/10/2021 · 1 Min Read

As we did a few months ago, in this post we are going to highlight a world furniture showcase: High Point Market. It is the world's largest furniture industry trade fair.

An event capable of attracting thousands of visitors interested in the latest trends and designs in the home furniture segment. This contest takes place in High Point, North Carolina, every six months.

It is an important business contact point for many home furnishings retail buyers. In addition, important industry prescribers play a leading role in this event. Among them, interior designers, architects and other professionals in the industry of this type of furniture stand out.

Opinion leaders from the furniture industry also come together, presenting their latest and best ideas. Therefore, High Point Market is presented as the only event in which all exhibitors and retail buyers are open to the public.

High Point Market, a global home furnishings showcase

High Point Market, a global home furnishings showcase

High Point Market, a global home furnishings showcase

In addition to the April and October High Point Markets, the Market District hosts several small-scale opportunities to access trading resources throughout the year. Among them, suggestive showrooms and micro events.

The new October 2021 edition is held from October 16th to 20th October. In it, all the necessary anti-covid measures are in place to guarantee a good development of activities.

But High Point Market is not just a home furnishings fair. The hospitality and contract sectors also meet here, with excellent proposals for furniture, accessories, rugs, fabrics and any other type of decoration. This is home to the flagship showrooms of the leading brands in this field.

At this event, MobilFresno presents its new products, with current and avant-garde designs, always with original touches from internationally renowned designers.

Event website for more information: click here

Photo & vídeo credit: HPM

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