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Marisa Gallo, interior architecture with elegance and timeless classicism

10/11/2021 · 2 Min Read

In this new blog post, we want to introduce you to a Studio specialized in interior architecture with timeless elegance and classicism, led by Marisa Gallo.

With a Diploma in Interior Design and Architecture from IADE, Marisa Gallo develops her creative talent with a never-ending search for uniqueness and balance. For more than 20 years, she has managed to create a distinctive style. Its aesthetics projects concepts of great elegance and timeless classicism.

Together with an excellent team of designers, the Studio is in charge of developing all kinds of interior design projects. The team is specialized in the creation of residential and commercial spaces. Her work takes place both in Spain and in Latin America.

The studio offers a comprehensive service, from the birth of the first idea to the final delivery of the project. Interiorisimo is a concept where personalized service and attention to detail make the difference.

We invite you to visit her website (clic aquíand her Instagram channel (clic aquí).

Marisa Gallo, interior architecture with elegance and timeless classicism

Marisa Gallo, interior architecture with elegance and timeless classicism

Interview with Marisa Gallo

How would you summarize in a short sentence what interior design is for you?

For me, interior design is defined in a phrase: "We create by feeling, we feel by creating".

What can you tell us about the intangible value of design?

The intangible value of design is the sensitivity it conveys. It's art.

In today's world of Interior Design, what role does furniture design play?

Furniture Design plays an essential role in the world of Interior Design. It is present in our day to day and brings character to each space. A singular piece can mark a style within a space and also defines the personality of the person who owns it.

In your entire career, which project or projects would you highlight as the most relevant in which you have participated?

Each project has its importance, although you always identify with some more than others. I could highlight the participation in different editions of Casa Decor, as well as Marbella Design. They are showcases in which you can develop a project with fewer limitations. As for clients, having opened a market outside of Spain has been a great personal challenge and very satisfactory.

Finally, how do you perceive the present and the future of interior design?

At present, I perceive interior design as something fundamental in our lives, which helps to improve it significantly. Nowadays hiring an interior designer is no longer a luxury but an aid to improve spaces and provide a better quality of life.

In the future, I perceive it as a transformation towards digital, which helps to show our creativity so the client is able to understand it more easily, but always without losing direct contact with the person.

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