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Why have a uniquely designed piece of furniture in every room of the home

23/06/2021 · 2 Min Read

Our home is our territory and, after the pandemic, even more so. For this reason we want to highlight the reasons for having exclusive design furniture in each room of the home.

Each space in our house is special and unique. In all of them we have different elements, some more decorative and others more functional. All of them are important, although one in particular always stands out.

We bet on exclusive design furniture as the protagonist of the key rooms of the home, such as the dining room or the bedroom, without forgetting other spaces.

For example, in the dining area, design furniture stands out, such as a central table, which can certainly round out the overall aesthetic of the room.

Being able to attract all eyes, the new MobilFresno proposals will not leave you indifferent ... stay tuned for news!

Twins Coffee Table

Twins Coffee Table

Why have a uniquely designed piece of furniture in every room of the home

Another unique piece that can stand out on its own is a design armchair, which combines the functional aspects of rest and aesthetics for the home. We promise you surprises soon!

This choice, in addition to being groundbreaking for a dining area or even a bedroom, brings an undeniable personalityto any living space.

Its decorative role is powerful and combines with almost any style of decoration. You will love our new design furniture proposals!

Twist Armchair

Twist Armchair

Another piece of furniture with a functional and aesthetic design is the sideboard. In this sense, our brand reinvents the concept adapting it to the modern times in which the home is more than a home.

This type of auxiliary furniture can play a decisive role, even in passageways, providing a differential and practical touch on a day-to-day basis.

At MobilFresno we work to surprise you under our concept "Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain".

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