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Welcome Design, design as the epicenter of interior spaces

01/12/2021 · 2 Min Read

New entry for our blog in which we have Welcome Design Studio as protagonist. A multidisciplinary team with great experience, which focuses on design as the epicenter of the conceptualization of interior spaces.

This Studio is the result of the merger of Envés Diseño and More & More, which together project their capacities to face high-level challenges. Its four components are Mar Vera, who will be the protagonist of the interview, Manuel Moreno, Esther Moreno and Víctor Camacho.

Experience, professionalism, knowledge and love for design are the perfect ingredients to make unique and special productions come true.

We invite you to visit their website (click here) and their Instagram channel (click here).

Welcome Design, design as the epicenter of interior spaces

Welcome Design, design as the epicenter of interior spaces

Welcome Design, design as the epicenter of interior spaces

Interview with Welcome Design (Mar Vera)

How would you summarize in a short sentence what interior Design is for you?

It is a tool that helps us improve the lives of our clients, both individuals and businesses, and above all to live and enjoy creativity.

What can you tell us about the intangible value of Design?

That everything, absolutely everything is Design! And that there are objects, art-design furniture that provoke sensations and help create happy spaces.

In today’s world of interior design, what role does Furniture Design play?

The Design and figure of the designer is essential. I absolutely value and respect design companies, their R&D, their logistics and their infrastructures. For me, the investment in a design quality piece is very important. In this way I try to transmit it to our clients. I love the design.

Of your entire career, which project or projects would you highlight as the most relevant in which you have participated?

All projects are relevant. When it is a home, it is the illusion of its owners. When it’s a business, it’s the way of life for those customers. They all are. Among the latest projects carried out, perhaps I would highlight the restyling of the Alma club and the selection of furniture. Also DoContract MAD for the uniqueness of the project.

Finally, how do you perceive the present and the future of interior design?

The figure of the interior designer is a value bet, both for Home and Contract. It is becoming more important and known. Luckily, in Spain there are many professionals developing projects. Also, there are large factories of materials, furniture, lighting and a great technological bet.

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