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Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain: MobilFresno’s new slogan

05/05/2021 · 1 Min Read

In this post we want to present the new official slogan of MobilFresno, “Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain”. Within our strategic planning, this slogan perfectly defines the soul of our company.

On the one hand, we work with highly prestigious designers on the international scene, all of them with important achievements and recognitions. That talent, along with design, is applied in our products to achieve unique pieces, in style, always surprising.

The truth is that we have the best design ideas from anywhere in the world, which is reflected in the first part of the motto. Design is a universal language and its creativity is latent in many corners of the planet with professionals who are passionate about their work.

Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain: MobilFresno's new slogan

Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain: MobilFresno’s new slogan

Worldwide design. Handmade in Spain: MobilFresno’s new slogan

On the other hand, all those ideas that arrive thanks to the collaborations with prestigious designers are reflected in final products manufactured in our production center. At our facilities in Yecla, in the province of Murcia (Spain), the designs are assimilated by our expert production team.

Thanks to his great know-how and his enormous experience, unique pieces are conceived under the label Handmade in Spain. In turn, any of these unique pieces are part of the furniture of many important spaces in the world.

The retail, contract, hospitality or living channels have our brand to equip high-level rooms that provide an unquestionable personality. But not only do ideas come from outside our borders, but internally we have our own design team that develops ideas that also become products.

That is to say, we not only import design talent, but we also export it, thanks to the knowledge and guarantee of a great team of professionals who are committed to quality every day.

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